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Bort - A Base Rails Application

An Introduction

When I set up a new rails app, I generally do the same things every time. Set up a config file, install RESTful authentication, add password recovery stuff, blah blah. I’m sick of doing the same stuff over and over again. Enter Bort.

Bort is a base application featuring all the things I set up with every application. Now I can just download the app from git and be up and running within a matter of minutes. POW!

For those of you wondering is Bort stands for anything like “Bionic Optical Radioactive Trout”, it doesn’t. It’s taken from this episode of The Simpsons:

Anyway, enough of this piffle, on to the features:

The Features

I’m going to copy and paste this jazz from the readme file because, quite frankly, I’m lazy.

RESTful Authentication

RESTful Authentication is already setup. The routes are setup, along with the mailers and observers. Forgotten password comes setup, so you donít have to mess around setting it up with every project.

The AASM plugin comes pre-installed. RESTful Authentication is also setup to use user activation.

Will Paginate

We use will_paginate in pretty much every project we use, so Bort comes with it pre-installed.

Rspec & Rspec-rails

You should be testing your code, so Bort comes with Rspec and Rspec-rails already installed so youíre ready to roll.

Exception Notifier

You donít want your applications to crash and burn so Exception Notifier is already installed to let you know when everything goes to shit.

Asset Packager

Packages up your css/javascript so youíre not sending 143 files down to the user at the same time. Reduces load times and saves you bandwidth.


The routes for RESful Auth and the forgot password stuff are already sorted for you.

Settings YAML

There is a settings.yml file that contains site-wide stuff. The site name, url and admin email are all used in the RESTful Auth mailers, so you donít need to worry about editing them.

Database YAML

The database.yml defaults to sqlite3 but also contains the settings for MySQL in comments so you can switch over easily.

Capistrano Recipe

Bort comes ready to rock capistrano. The recipe that is setup is based on using git and passenger. Edit as you see fit.

Uses the Database for Sessions

Bort is setup to use the database to store sessions by default.


  • password and password_confirmation are set up to be filtered
  • there is a default application layout file
  • a page title helper has been added
  • index.html is already deleted
  • rails.png is already deleted
  • a few changes have been made to the default views

Using Bort

The git repo is located here: http://github.com/fudgestudios/bort/tree/master

  • Download and unzip Bort
  • Edit the database.yml and the settings.yml files
  • Rake db:migrate
  • Have a brew and celebrate

Suggestions etc

If you have any suggestions about things we should add, edit, delete from Bort then let me know. Think we should gemify it? You decide.

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