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Bort! Now with OpenID!

Just a small update on Bort.

Bort Project Page

I decided to make a dedicated page for Bort, so I only have one place to keep up to date.

Bort Project Page

Open ID Authentication

I’ve integrated OpenID with RESTful Auth on Bort in the new version. I’ll be perfectly honest though, I’ve never actually set up OpenID before, so I’d appreciate if people could take a look at it and let me know if it sucks.

User Voice! Load Noises!

We’ve set up an account on User Voice so you guys can submit ideas and all that jazz to us, then we can act like power hungry sultans and deny your ideas.

Bort @ User Voice

At this moment in time, we have 239 watchers on Github and are the 25th most popular project. Hooray for us.

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Jim Neath is a Freelance Ruby on Rails & Facebook app developer from Manchester, UK, currently working for Engine Yard.