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Bort Update to Rails 2.2

I probably should have done this sooner but I’ve finally got around to updating Bort to Rails 2.2

Here are some other changed.

Will_paginate, AASM, Rspec and Rspec-rails updated to gems

I’ve decided to remove the above plugins and unpack the most recent version into the vendor/gems directory. The main reason is its easier to keep track of which version you’re using and what needs updating. So Bort is currently rocking the most recent versions of those gems.

Exception Notifier Email Automatically Set to the Email Set in Settings.yml

This is something I thought we’d already done but alas not. Thanks to feedback on UserVoice for that one.

README Updated

The readme has been updated to let people know that they need to change the default admin password in the bort_migration along with the RESTFUL_AUTH_SITE_KEY in each of the environment files.

If you haven’t done this yet, make sure you do it yo.

Multistage Capistrano Deployment

Thanks for Phil Jeffs for fixing this one. Bort is now setup out of the box to deploy to a staging environment along with production.

Bort Sends a 404 on ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound

This is something that I normally forget to do in applications so it’s now baked into Bort. If a user requests a page and the record it’s looking for doesn’t exist, they’ll get sent to the 404 page with the correct status. If you don’t want this to happen, just remove the code from application.rb file.

Rake db:database_dump

Matt Hall has added a rake task to allow you to dump the contents of you database. Simply run rake db:database to get a dump of all the contents of your database.

Upcoming Suggested Changes

The two main upcoming changes to Bort are:

Default User Admin Panel

A lot of people seem to want this feature. We’re currently on the fence about it. Bort has tried to keep as simple as possible while keeping the features that a lot of us use. Thoughts on this would be great.

Add i18n support

Again a lot of people seem to want this but again we’re on the fence due to the reason above.

Removal of Role_requirement

I’ve noticed a lot of people on github who fork Bort seem to remove role_requirement. Also, I’ve found myself doing the same thing in favour of other options.

What do you guys think?

Suggestions? Problems?

As always, if you have any suggestions or problems then leave a message on our UserVoice and we’ll see what we can do.

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