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Optimizing your MySQL queries and performance in your rails applicationcan be a real pain. The plugins below help to make things a little easier.


Bullet is a rails plugin, written by Richard Huang (@flyerhzm), that helps to kill N+1 queries. It shows you where you should be using :include in your ActiveRecord calls. Bullet also informs you where you’re missing counter caches as well as warning you of any unused eager loading.



SlimScrooge is a plugin by Stephen Sykes (@sdsykes), that restricts the columns retrieved in your MySQL queries by learning which attributes are subsequently called on the ActiveRecord model.

Below is an example, taken from the readme:

# 1st request, sql is unchanged but columns accesses are recorded
Brochure Load SlimScrooged 1st time (27.1ms)   SELECT * FROM `brochures` WHERE (expires_at IS NULL)

# 2nd request, only fetch columns that were used the first time
Brochure Load SlimScrooged (4.5ms)   SELECT `brochures`.expires_at,`brochures`.operator_id,`brochures`.id FROM 
`brochures` WHERE (expires_at IS NULL)

# 2nd request, later in code we need another column which causes a reload of all remaining columns
Brochure Reload SlimScrooged (0.6ms) `brochures`.name,`brochures`.comment,`brochures`.image_height,`brochures`.id,
`brochures`.tel,`brochures`.long_comment,`brochures`.image_name,`brochures`.image_width FROM 
`brochures` WHERE `brochures`.id IN ('5646','5476','4562','3456','4567','7355')

# 3rd request
Brochure Load SlimScrooged (4.5ms)   SELECT `brochures`.expires_at,`brochures`.operator_id,`brochures`.name,
`brochures`.id FROM `brochures` WHERE (expires_at IS NULL)


Query Reviewer

Query Reviewer by David Stevenson (@dsboulder) of Pivotal Labs, is a Rails plugin that adds a div to the top left of the screen that contains lots of useful details regarding the MySQL executed on the current page.

The plugin makes it easy to view the EXPLAIN output for each SELECT query on the page. It also provides ratings and warnings on each query executed on a page.

Query Reviewer


Rails Indexes

Rails Indexes is a plugin by Elad Meidar (@eladmeidar), that helps to generate a migration containing suggested indexes for your database.

By running the following rake command:

rake db:index_migration

Rails Indexes will generate the example migration containing suggested indexes. While these indexes are a good start, you will probably find that you need some detailed database indexes.


Ambitious Query Indexer

Ambitious Query Indexer is an index generating plugin by Sam Phillips (@samsworldofno). Like Rails Indexes, it generates a migration containing suggested indexes, but it works by analysing all of the queries it can find in your app.


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